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Becoming a Giving Brand: You Are What You Gift

on October 7, 2020

Regardless of your industry, at 3Keys we believe gifting is the natural extension of any brand, and that now more than ever brands and companies will need to tap into the power of gifting to bring purpose and meaning into their core product offering. As consumers reconsider their priorities, how can you reposition yourself and create that moment of giving back?  

Consider how you can stand out by having a gifting methodology at your core, drawing consumers in by standing for something meaningful and rewarding. Determining what you and your customers stand for will bring you together in new ways that are right for this moment. 

We believe you must let your purpose and brand create gifting experiences that will resonate with your shoppers and your larger community by tapping into give-back programs like supporting local business or charitable/sustainable efforts. Here are 3 turnkey ideas to explore on your way to becoming a purpose-driven, gifting brand. 

Items: think about the items your consumers need most. Are they spending more time at home? Are they craving that bit of escapism? Do they have a young family they are looking to entertain? Apply a bit of that classic retail wisdom of “something for everyone” to your gifting item choice, and spread the joy! 

Experiences: with all things experiential trending across all businesses in pre-pandemic times, how can you still deliver a rewarding, fun, experience while being mindful and safe? Gifting is a perfect answer, driving urgency while introducing a bit of novelty into the process. Bring your customers closer through exciting gifting experiences that combine product, exploration, and rewards. 

Access: learn more about your customers through gifting, granting you greater access and insight. Reach them on new platforms and build a stronger customer profile by understanding what lifestyle items they are seeking and engaging with.

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