Why Gifting Works

Smart gifting will encourage shoppers to visit your store or website, ensure customer loyalty, build top-of-mind awareness, increase average ticket, and create lasting good memory of your brand.

Consider how you can stand out by having a gifting methodology at your core, drawing consumers in by offering something meaningful and rewarding.

Drive Traffic

Encourage your customers to visit your store or website, creating valuable connections and the chance for them to become familiar with your brand. They will be more likely to shop your store first, if they are offered something “extra”.

This concept works well with premiere events where you want to introduce and test a new offering.

Ensure Brand Loyalty

Reward shoppers through a VIP program or appreciation to help ensure continued brand loyalty. Feeling valued, they are more likely to read emails, digital ads and keep your brand top of mind.

This also works well as a customer service program to smooth over friction points like shipping delays or other mishaps. Turn an unfortunate situation around with a beautiful branded gift that will leave your customer with a good feeling and trust in your company. They will only remember you for making it right.

Increase average ticket

Gifting doesn’t mean discount, it means added value. Everyone loves free stuff and a value-added gift can encourage shoppers to spend a little more for the reward.

Gifting strategies give shoppers a fun, new way to interact with your brand, and that means you don’t always have to slash your prices to build excitement and engagement!