Exclusive Gifting

The home is trending, from WFH culture to the rise of home decor makeovers. Here we tap into this trend with exclusive lifestyle programs around wine and home accessories.

How It Works:

  • Choose your gifting program
  • Choose your gift
  • Optional branded packaging

Go Local

As customers continue to stay local, this gifting program gives back to local stores and retailers while coaxing your customers in-store with a win item that benefits their local community. More and more, consumers will be looking to stay, shop, and support local.

How It Works:

  • Visit a store, test a product, receive a discount
  • Enter to win a local experience, receive gifting item
  • Ensure foot traffic, purchases, and customer loyalty
Shop Local

Learning Experiences

For adults and kids, our learning experiences center around giving the gift of knowledge and how-to demonstrations to your customers looking for DIY know-how. They can discover the complexities of wine tasting with a master Sommelier, or the playful tricks of magic for kids of all ages!

How It Works:

  • Curated digital experience
  • Themed win item that ties into the event
  • Drive excitement around your brand, holidays, and products

Friends & Family

VIP sales and previews never go wrong when it comes to delivering the sales and conversion numbers you’re looking for. Drive urgency and exclusivity with Friends & Family sales, rewarding your best customers.

How It Works:

  • Marketing campaigns to drive excitement
  • In-store or online preview and discount
  • Add the VIP message with a curated win item