The Consumer Love of Self-Gifting

on December 15, 2020

Self-love, a key consumer trend, has been driven into overdrive with the new stay at home, WFH lifestyle changes. Now more than ever we see trends like comfort, the rise of cooking and home décor changing the landscape of how consumers are rewarding themselves. With travel and traditional experiences on hold, the joy of self-gifting is taking on new appeal. This holiday season and kicking off 2021, we expect to see customers rewarding themselves for making it through the toughest year we can remember!

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Becoming a Giving Brand: You Are What You Gift

on October 7, 2020

Regardless of your industry, at 3Keys we believe gifting is the natural extension of any brand, and that now more than ever brands and companies will need to tap into the power of gifting to bring purpose and meaning into their core product offering. As consumers reconsider their priorities, how can you reposition yourself and create that moment of giving back?  

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The Power of Gifting

on September 2, 2020

At 3Keys we believe in the practical power of gifting, in building relationships with your consumers that deliver on surprise, product novelty, and lifestyle experiences. We know that gifting programs are the best way to turn your customers into your best advocates, and in a post Covid-19 landscape we know that now is the moment to reinvent the brand/consumer relationship. It’s the moment to return to the core of what your brand delivers and do it better than anyone else. This year we’re rolling out smart gifting programs that highlight the key benefits of our “giftology” that works for both customer and client.

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