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The Consumer Love of Self-Gifting

on October 7, 2020

Self-love, a key consumer trend, has been driven into overdrive with the new stay at home, WFH lifestyle changes. Now more than ever we see trends like comfort, the rise of cooking and home décor spending changing the landscape of how consumers are rewarding themselves. With travel and traditional experiences on hold, the joy of self-gifting is taking on new appeal. 

With nearly 60% of consumers looking have a positive mindset, self-love and self-giving perfectly resonates with the current consumer state of mind. Employ gifting programs that facilitate your consumer base enjoying a bit of indulgent pampering and highlight how your brand and product collection makes their life that much better. 

  • Self-gifting is a great way to let your consumers feel good about rewarding themselves

  • Give them the sense that it’s a well-earned treat

  • Encourage a one for one mentality, one for them, one for a friend, to spread the appeal of gift-ology

  • This is a trend popular with younger demos, #treatyoself

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